As with much land in the parish of Ruislip, the land of Shenley Park was owned by The Provost and Scholars of The Kings College of Our Lady and Saint Nicholas in Cambridge. In 1930, the land was sold to Southern Park Estates Limited.

In 1937, the Ruislip and Northwood Urban District Council (RNUDC) applied to County of Middlesex to contribute towards the expense of acquiring the land “with a view to laying out as an open space for recreation in perpetuity” of 3.12 acres to be called Shenley Avenue Recreation Ground.
Arial view of Shenley Park
The County of Middlesex contributed £753, 6 shillings and 8 pence, one-third of the purchase price. The agreement between the two parties states: a) that the whole of the said piece of land shall … be dedicated, and for ever maintained, as an open space for public use and recreation b) that no buildings other than lodges bandstands lavatories sports pavilions refreshment rooms shelters sheds and buildings of a like nature shall at any time be erected on any part of the said piece of land …

During the war years there was a Wardens post, but not an air raid shelter, in Shenley Avenue near Willow Grove1. Bomb maps2 show that 7 high explosive bombs were dropped on 27/10/1940 in a line across Willow Grove, Shenley Ave, Cranley Drive, Eversley Crescent and across the open space to Cromwell Rd. The map also shows that a land mine was dropped on 26/9/1940, on what is now the playing field, close to the Shenley Ave / Rosebury Vale intersection.